Давайте учиться говорить сексуально...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Practice makes perfect

You are hanging out with Sarah at school by your locker. Lately all she seems to talk about is herself and you are getting anxious for other friends to chat with. The guy in the locker next to you seems cool, but before you can make a new buddy you need to make sure he can speak a little English...

You: "Здравствйте, как вас зовут?"

Саша: "Здравствйте, меня зовут Саша. А вас?"

You: "(give your name). Очень приятно."

Саша: "Очень приятно"

You: "Вы говорите по-английски?"

Саша: "Нет. Вы говорите по-русски?"

You: "Да. Я немного говорю по-русски."

Sasha doesn't look very impressed with your Russian skills, and considering he doesn't speak any English it looks like you will have to move on.

Sasha: "До свидания!"

You: "До свидания Саша."

Move on to other students who have their lockers by you. Ask them if they speak and understand in English. Ask them about other languages as well (remember how nosey you can be). Give their answers and have them ask you about your Russian Language skills. Make sure you are using both verbs говорить - to speak and понимать -to understand.


Another day and 5 more vocabulary words for you to learn:
  • брат (brat) - brother
  • внук (vnook) - grandson
  • сестра (ses-tra) - sister
  • внучка (vnoochka) - grand daugher
  • семья (semia) - family
Keep studying, you are doing great! Did you know that at this point you are familiar with over 100 vocabulary words? Keep up the great work.