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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Сара and Лена invite you over to their family's house on the weekend. When you get there you are surprised at just how many relatives they have. As they show you the rooms of the house they introduce you to their family.

1. Make a list of Сара and Лена's and relatives. Supply introductions (remember to use the pronoun "наш/наша" to describe "our" and "ваш/ваша" for "your" plural) and remember to reply politely "очень приятно." Once you have been introduced to all of them you realize you can't remember who is who. Ask Сара "Игорь - твой дядя или твой дедушка?" (and so on) to find out.

2. You brought over your photo album to show Лена and Сара (use your real photo album or facebook account for this exercise). Go through and introduce your friends and family. Remember to convert their names to Russian.

3. As you are going through the pictures the girls ask for more details. For example while looking at some pictures of your friend Peter Сара asks "Петер - это актёр? Он очень симпатичный!" Provide their questions and use both yes and no answers.


Today I picked out some words that are a little more... "colorful".
  • Алконавт (alco-navt) - alcoholic
  • Амазонка (ama-zon-ka) - prostitute
  • Пиздато (piz-da-to) - wonderful (used to answer the question "как дела?" or "How's life?"
  • Потаскуха (po-tas-coo-kha) - slut
  • потография (photo-graph-ia) - photograph
I found this great Russian Slang Dictionary filled with all sorts of great vocabulary words! It's alphabetical so you can pick any letter along the side and start swearing in style.