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Monday, December 31, 2007

Lesson: The Cyrillic alphabet

The very first thing you need to do when learning Russian is memorize the Cyrillic alphabet. I also recommend putting on a large fur hat and pulling out a bottle of vodka (no mix, just a shot glass).

Ready? Let's begin. There are 33 letters in the alphabet, some of which look and sound nothing like English letters.

Aa - a as in father

Бб - b as in bitch

Вв - v as in vain

Гг - g as in gun

Дд - d as in doggy style

Ее - ye, e as in yet

Ёё - yo as in yogurt

Жж - zh pleasure

Зз - z as in zoo

Ии - ee as in heel

Йй - y as in boy

Кк - k as in kinky

Лл - l as in lover

Мм - m as in mouth

Нн - n as in naughty

Oo - o as in or

Пп - p as in piss

Рр - r *the r is more like a Spanish r "rrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Сс - s as in sadist

Тт - t as in tied

Уу - u as in boom

Фф - f as in fuck

Хх - kh as in loch

Цц - ts as in cats

Чч - ch as in chastity belt

Шш - sh as in shut up

ЩЩ - shch as in fresh cheese

ъ - hard sign

ы - i as in hill

ь -soft sign

Ээ - e as in set

Юю - yu as in university

Яя - ya as in yard

Take as long as you need to memorize and learn the alphabet. Make a poster of the letters and what they sound like and hang it in your kitchen or living room. Make some flash cards or just write it out as many times as you can! In order for you to learn and speak easily you really do need to know what each letter sounds like. There are many rules that we will learn as we go along, and the sounds of some letters change depending on many factors. For now, if you can grasp what each letter basically sounds like you will be able to start learning some Russian vocabulary.

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