Давайте учиться говорить сексуально...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review 1

Now that you have learned a few things in Russian, and are starting to understand the way it works, it is a good idea to go back and review the things you have already learned. So far we have covered;

1. How to ask who someone is when you don't know their name, and when you know the person's name but want to know more about them/their profession.

2. How to ask and answer yes and no questions about topics like professions, nationality, and quality.

3. Ask someones name using formal and informal address.

4. How to respond to an introduction; "очень приятно".

5. All about Russian names and the difference between masculine and feminine names.

6. How to greet people formally and informally at different times of day.

7. How to say good-bye formally and informally, also wish someone good night.

8. Inquire informally (at your own risk) how someone is doing and reply when someone has asked you.

If you can't do any of these off the top of your head then you should go back and review what we have already learned. You should now be familiar with all of the vocabulary that we have learned as well. Use these words as much as you can in the future and test yourself every so often.


Here are 5 more words for you to memorize.

композитор (komp-o-zee-tor)- composer
космонавт (kos-mo-nav)- cosmonaut
пианист /пианистка (pee-an-eest/ka) - pianist
президент (preh-zu-dant) - president
спортсмен /спортсменка (sports-mien/ka) - athlete