Давайте учиться говорить сексуально...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Review 2

You have learned quite a bit of Russian since the last review so we should probably take a step back and go over all this information.

You should now be comfortable with;

1. Describing what languages people (including yourself) can speak and understand and how well.

2. Introducing members of your family, your friends and your professors.

3. Ask questions about other people's relationships and ask about their relatives professions and interests.

4. Describing people with some nouns of nationality.

5. Making some compliments and insults towards other people's family and friends.

If any of this is too difficult I suggest you take some time to review what we have learned.

Make sure you are learning all your vocabulary words! Speaking Russian is like cooking, and those words are your ingredients. The more words you memorize, the more tasty your language skills will be!


It's Friday again so here are your last vocabulary words for the week.
  • видеокамера (video cam-er-a) - camcorder
  • видеомагнитофон (video-mag-nit-o-phone) - VCR
  • компьютер (com-pya-ter) - computer
  • магнитофон (mag-nit-o-phone) - tape recorder
  • принтер (printer) - printer
Have a great weekend and make sure you study your Russian!