Давайте учиться говорить сексуально...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Another day and 5 more vocabulary words for you to learn:
  • брат (brat) - brother
  • внук (vnook) - grandson
  • сестра (ses-tra) - sister
  • внучка (vnoochka) - grand daugher
  • семья (semia) - family
Keep studying, you are doing great! Did you know that at this point you are familiar with over 100 vocabulary words? Keep up the great work.


Pictures of Moscow said...

Привет, Канада!
"Давайте учиться говорить грязные".
Something is wrong. I did not understand,
what you want to say((

Judy Lewd said...


Lol, well I knew sooner or later someone who actually spoke Russian would catch that.

What I originally wanted to say was "Let's learn to talk dirty" or "Let's learn to talk sexy" something like that... I couldn't find anything though so I put that phrase into a translator.

Do you know how I would phrase that properly by any chance?

Great blog by the way! I just love the photo's that you take, they are wonderful!

Pictures of Moscow said...

Hm... If you mean, that Russian language is sexy (pronunciation).
Correct phrase: Давайте учиться говорить сексуально - "Let's learn to talk sexy" ))

Judy Lewd said...

That's exactly what I want to do :)

Pictures of Moscow said...
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Pictures of Moscow said...

Хи-хи :-)
Ура! Я очень рад)))

Judy Lewd said...