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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Сара and Лена's grandmother seems to have taken a liking to you. She has invited you over to her apartment to have some tea.

When you get there you greet her formally but call her grandmother.

When she invites you in, you roll your eyes as you notice the extremely large photo album sitting next to the tea pot. You are so tired of looking at photographs at this point, but what can you do?

Grandmother sits you down and starts showing you old pictures of herself, her sisters, and her friends (male and female) from when she was younger.

As she goes through the pictures try to be as polite possible and remember that she is older than you so you should always address her formally.

Try to guess who some of the people are by asking "Это вы... (mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, friend, etc..)? Say something nice about each person and give grandmothers responses: "Спасибо", "Ну что ты!", "Да, это мой/моя....", "Нет, это мой/моя..."

When tea time is over, thank Grandmother and say goodbye.

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