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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Now you try it!

Introduce yourself and tell me what languages you speak and how well you speak them. Tell me about your family, what languages they speak, and what they do as a profession/hobby. What about their friends, and their friends families? Try to be creative and if you are at a loss for words, check out previous vocabulary or the Master Vocabulary List.

Some more words that you may want to use for this exercise are:
  • хена моего отца - stepmother
  • муж моей матери - stepfather
  • сестра по оецу/ сестра по матери - stepsister
  • брат по оецу/ брат по матери - stepbrother
  • бывшая жена - ex-wife
  • бывший муж - ex-husband

Good luck!

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